Il The Naval yard was founded in 1964. On the left of the navigational channel on Fiumicino’s side, before the second world war, it was used for ship demolition and workshops. The initiative of skilled workers specializing in the maintenance of pleasure boats with specific equipments, the naval yard in 1989, already well known for its many specialised jobs, is taken over by Luca Sampietro who steers it especially more towards the restructuring and fittings of pleasure crafts. At times they take on a look of seniority, a design-craftsmanship quality with an important history, have turned the yard into an appreciative restoration centre and renovation of antique époque boats. This website wants to be the proof of many years of work and craftsmanship lived with passion to resurrect the Noble “Sea Farers”. We believe that the testimony of the pictures will help you understand where words do not suffice, and make you realize the full capability of the naval yard and its mastership. .